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This 'toolkit' is based on the standard AX integration with TFS, with some extensions and tweaks.

Some (new) advantages:
  • Guidance while developing and using AX 2012 and TFS;
  • Solving workspace issues for TFS
  • Some extra useful tools (like a toolbar with buttons for quick access to the current work item and the aot project with the associated elements; and buttons for adding the developer comments to the X++ editor);
  • Take over work items or shelve in-active work items (and/or changes);
  • Automatically associate the active work item to the change set created while checking in;
  • Extending the support of developing with a team of developers on one AOS/Box (single tier); (multiple AOS/Box / multi tier is not supported)
  • Support for creating your release sets (axModels).... (a release wizard is still an open issue)

The latest release is available for AX 2012 + CU2 and for AX 2012 FPK + CU3, see: Check here for the releases and fixes. Just with some minor changes the model can be migrated to R2.

Here is a screenshot to give you an impression:

Please feel free to download and use this software. Please rate the software in the download section and give me a thumbs up.

Unfortunately there is little documentation available. Here are some links to WMV files based on an older version, but still can show you the basics:

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