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Take over element(s) or shelve pending changes


Within this toolkit a solution has been build to lock elements (see also [workitem:318]) without using the exclusive lock option within TFS. The effect however is still the same. So what if you're about to modify the custTable form and someone else has locked this element.
There can be two situations:
  • The other developer is unfortunately on a three week well deserved holiday
  • The other developer is still very busy modifying the form regarding his tasks/issues
    In both cases... you should ask yourself this: how can someone else test correctly you're modifications while another developer has build (or is still building) modifications to the same elements. So first of all... this is a planning issue. So try to complete you're tasks as much as possible. Ask you're colleague when he is done and when you're able to start your modifications... and regard the difficulties for the tester... and inform him/her about the overlap in tasks/issues. This will solve the the second problem.
    But the first problem... hmmm... in this case you also have two options:
  • You want to 'take over and finish the task of the other developer...
  • You want to 'shelve' these changes... so you can build your modifications based on the last release and changeset(s)... the only thing is that the other developer has to pick up his shelve set and merge these modifications back into AX
    (in both cases the workspace within TFS could be a problem)